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My name is Cristian Gallo: I'm 51 years old, I live in Italy and I'm a web developer.
Basically I work to make a web site or web application run properly, creating them to manage operations, hidden or not, let user obtain what is looking for, or shop online for something, or again to mixing some tools to get easy and nice navigation experience.

From July 2017 to June 2021 I contributed in the development of what today is Kamzan project and from February 2020 I give my contribute to the web developer team in Sintesi Software Srl, for Tree project.

I have done this job with passion for almost 19 years, period of time that gave me a know-how increment and and useful experience.

Main Knowledge

What I do

I try to do my best...

Web Design

By having graphic templates suitable to 99% of businesses and business activity, the optimization of what you see is easy and accurate in every details.

Web Development

The real development is the foundation of a web project: languages and scripting like PHP, Javascript, jQuery and others, manage the operational functionality.


We can build (quite) everything, every aspect is contextualized, trying to reach the balance between graphics and usability.

Responsive design

Once it was just the computer monitor, today devices have smaller screen and a website need to take this in consideration.

User Experience (UX)

A web site is a well done one if user experience is easy, intuitive and requires the least amount of time (and steps) to get what is looking for.

... and I'm always successful.

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Livorno Ferraris - VC, Italy

+39 366 7197148